an archive of future artifacts

Fall 2017

Lost&          : an archive of future artifacts was an exhibition at the RISD Museum’s Gelman Gallery from events that have yet to happen, co-curated with Melissa Weiss. We asked artists and writers to consider what is missing in the political now and to imagine what it might mean to encounter those things in the future. They created future artifacts, and in some cases, actualized the conditions in which they will be used through performance, writing, and conversation.

Index of Nothing

Fall 2017

As part of my research into absences and blankness, I created an index of references to ‘nothing’ from art, design, literature, music, philosophy, and language. From this index, I produced a website and 6-foot long print that shares how something comes from nothing.

A Conversation

Fall 2017

This book is an exploration of the language surrounding modes of dialogue. Words are split into prefix and suffix, allowing the reader to engage with the components of each word, creating potentially new words and meanings.

Familiar Fictions

Summer 2017

A book made from a collection of personal family photographs that speaks to the ways in which we come to know and to invent ourselves through images.