Poetry In Motion

Summer 2019
Digital display of a poem by Kamilah Aisha Moon for the RIPTA, Poetry In Motion program.

feeeels flyers

Winter 2019
Flyers for feeeels, a new magazine exploring one tactile quality each issue, featured here: some fuzzy plant life. 

Making & Being

Fall 2018
A newsprint draft booklet for BFAMFAPhD featuring excerpts from their forthcoming book. A resource for artists and teachers, a PDF can be dowloaded here.

Tiny Diasporas


Spring 2018
Exploring the social life of the publication, I took the text from my MFA Thesis, Tiny Diasporas and printed each section of the text on a seperate page. These were distributed at a presentation and reading of the book, allowing the audience to participate in curating and distributing the texts.